Wood is by far the best material for decks.

What is the Best Material for a Deck?

From the beginning of time, wood has been used to build everything from boats to homes. History has shown that wood has the capability to stand the test of time, and a deck made from naturally stable and insect-resistant material, like redwood, cedar, and mahogany, does, too. Don’t be deceived – compared to plastic decking, […]

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Example of a deck with worth the investment!

Is a Deck a Good Investment?

The best! In fact, for many years decks have been the highest returning home improvement investment you can make! Nothing increases marketability more than a unique quality outdoor living addition. Like a home itself, the true value of an outdoor living area cannot be measured simply in financial terms alone. Adding a custom deck, patio […]

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A Letter of Thanks

Dear DeckTec Friends, Anyone who has been around me long knows that Thanksgiving time is very special to me. It is the chance to look about and acknowledge the blessings of another good year, the wonderful team I work with and, of course, the terrific people who call themselves DeckTec customers. Blessings of the Year […]

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Keep your ideas organized

There’s no doubt that when you’re in the process of planning your new outdoor living space that you’ll be doing quite a bit of research. It may involve perusing the Internet or making a Saturday afternoon outing to a variety of home and garden material stores. Here are some handy apps and web sites we […]

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7 tips to make the most of your home show visit

It’s home show time! Are you ready? We are very excited about participating in the annual Colorado Home and Garden Show for the 24th consecutive year. It kicks off this weekend at the Colorado Convention Center and we’ll be there looking for YOU! Whether you’re a seasoned home show veteran or this is new territory […]

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