There is no better pairing than coffee and beer – coffee brings rich, complex flavors to beer that you can’t get from anything else. Try one of these local brews the next time you’re looking for a little buzz with your beer.

Epic Brewing: Big Bad Baptist

This beer has its base in Epic Brewing’s Imperial Stout, transformed through barrel aging. The stout is transferred to three different barrels during the aging process to infuse it with unique flavors you can’t get any other way. Coffee and coco nibs are added in the last stage, when each barrel gets its own “seasoning,” resulting in rich caramel and chocolate hints with a touch of whiskey from the barrels.

Fate Brewing: Moirai Coffee IPA

Fate Brewing brings together its popular Moirai IPA and coffee to create a new level of beer-tasting experience. A bright orange citrus flavor complements the coffee, creating a lighter, hoppier beer sure to leave you wanting your next sip.

New Belgium: La Folie Grand Reserve Geisha

A combination of New Belgium’s award-winning sour beer with award-winning Panama Geisha Coffee. The Panamanian coffee brings a tea-like citrus taste and rich coffee flavor that blends well with this traditional sour beer.

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