Imagine picking a ripe, juicy tomato right on your deck! All you need are some starts, and pots of various sizes. You can extend the season by covering plants, or taking them in overnight, as the weather cools.

  • Pick a spot with good sun, but don’t overdo – tomatoes can wilt or burn under the hot Colorado sun. Test out and adjust locations as needed.
  • Grouping pots together provides some shade and wind protection.
  • Tomatoes need plenty of water and good drainage. Soil should be evenly damp to the touch, not dry, hard, or soggy.
  • Transplant tomatoes in a timely manner as they  outgrow containers.
  • “Patio” tomatoes intended for pots may not taste quite as good. You can grow regular tomatoes and even some heirlooms in containers. Talk with your local gardening expert.
  • Stake potted plants for support and monitor for disease – just like tomatoes planted in the ground.
  • Time your harvests – some types of tomatoes grow much faster than others.

Protecting Your Wood Deck

Make sure that your containers and saucers – whether plastic, clay or metal – are not in full contact with the wood surface of your deck, as this will trap moisture and cause stains that are difficult to remove. Instead, elevate your plants on wood shims, blocks or casters, thereby preventing stains from forming.

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