When your adult children start hosting their parties on your newly-built backyard deck, you know you’ve done something right.

“I’ve got four grown kids, and they have their parties over here now,” Gary Gansar said, referring to his 817 square-foot mahogany DeckTec deck that was completed in May.

Maybe it’s the great music, with separate upper and lower deck controls for the Sonos sound system, the television designed specifically for the outdoors, or the cozy indoor comforts brought outside.

“DeckTec installed a fairly large pergola that we’ve suspended a swing from, people get a lot of use and enjoyment out of that swing,” Gansar said.

But it’s not just Gansar’s adult children who dig the new deck. The deck, which Gansar described as, “A tremendous upgrade from what we had before,” has something for everybody.

“It’s great, it’s very comfortable. We get tremendous compliments on it, people tell us it’s just first rate. A friend of mine from New Orleans told me that I’d ‘hit a home run’ on this deck. People just love to sit out there,” Gansar said.

It’s clearly the place to be at the Gansar residence.

Gansar’s favorite feature is the curved bay extension that extends out from the upper deck.

“I like the arched balcony, it’s just like a little jewel on this deck. I like to stand out there, you can see the sky and the garden from that vantage point,” he said. “It’s just beautiful.”

And if you’re going to make an outdoor paradise, you and your loved ones might as well enjoy it year-round, right?

DeckTec, Gansar explained, installed two heaters facing each other in close proximity, creating a cozy pocket of warmth for year-round use.

“That’s why I set it up this way,” Gansar said, “I plan to watch my football games out there in the winter.”

“When you’re sitting in between the heaters you feel the heat from both sides, and it’s a totally covered area. It’s not like you’re exposed to the snow,” he said.

And for the dog days of summer, one of the three upper deck sitting areas has shades to cool off the afternoon sun.

For Gansar, it’s all about quality and value, and he ought to know. He’s renovated many houses in his life, including several portions of his current home.

“I’ve seen lots of workers, good ones and bad ones, and these guys stood out to me,” he said. “I’ve had several friends who are in construction tell me that this deck is a work of craftsmanship. They could see that things were done in a very exacting manner.”

And, the price was right.

“I was convinced. I had confidence in Steve, in his proposal. I felt like he really knew what he was doing, and that he’d been doing it a long time, and had very good ideas,” Gansar said.

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