With the days continually getting warmer and longer, it’s time to start thinking about getting your deck serviced early so you’re ready for a full season of outdoor living enjoyment.

Colorado’s climate is very extreme with the high altitude, dryness, tons of sun, and moisture.

Every time it rains, snows, and the wind blows your deck becomes covered with dust, grit, and dirt. It’s that dust and grit that ultimately breaks down the finish when walked on and ground in.

Consider a glass table left outside… it doesn’t take more than a day or two after it’s cleaned before it becomes filthy. You’d never want to sit your guests down at a table like that, or they find the dirt and grit gets all over themselves and their clothes.

We’ve been servicing decks now for 18 years and feel like we have created the best and most cost-effective deck care in Colorado.

It’s not the product, it’s the process that makes the difference, and regular maintenance is the key.

A lot of the deck care recommendations by product manufacturers are more geared towards the lower altitudes that don’t have the particular conditions that are found in Colorado.

With the recent mild weather, we’ve already got our service department out there working and maintaining decks. Weather is unpredictable in Colorado and it can create delays. While there’s no guarantee this mild weather is going to last, if you schedule your service now, you can get in the queue and we’ll get it done as soon as conditions and schedule allow.

Get yourself into the schedule and get the best pricing of the year. It’s wise to protect your investment considering that decks continue to be the highest returning home improvement projects year after year.

If you’re unsure or have fallen behind on your deck service, don’t despair. We can get you back on track with cleaning, sealing, staining or a custom finish.

We would be happy to schedule a complimentary deck evaluation.

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If now isn’t the best time to call, visit decktec.com/callme to schedule a phone call with one of our deck specialists at your convenience.

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