One of the most often asked questions over the years has been: “What’s better, a deck or a patio?”

The truth is, a lot of that is determined by the site and the elevation that the house is set at. After that’s first considered, for the homes that are relatively close to the ground, where both are viable options, my answer is simple. Better than a deck or a patio, is a deck AND a patio.

You can have too much of anything. Just as you can have too much grass, rock, or concrete, you can also have too much wood, or too much stone. Ultimately for the greatest appeal, you’ll want balance. The wood and the stone are the perfect compliments to each other.

Artfully Combining Decks & Patios is Best

Patios are going to be at or near the ground, and decks are going to be in elevated areas. Decks are ideal for expanding the living area; however, they’re not meant to be in contact with the earth. Patios on the other hand are best for contact with the ground.

For patios, we really love the beauty and reliability of pavers. Just as we recommend wood over synthetic decking materials, we also prefer pavers to concrete. Pavers are beautiful aesthetically and they’re more reliable long term.

Individual pavers are designed to shift and move with the ground so you’ll never see them crack like concrete. This especially true here in Colorado where we experience expanding soil conditions along with the freezing and thawing cycle which causes the ground to expand like ice cubes and wet sponges.

Concrete is the least appealing option for a patio, and the most likely to settle, crack, and flake. These situations aren’t really a concern with pavers due to their individual nature and their ability to adapt. They’re far easier to repair whereas concrete typically needs to be completely replaced.

I’ve known homeowners who’ve replaced their concrete patio twice in a relatively short period of time before realizing they should go to pavers due to its reliability and beauty.

In either case, if it’s a deck or patio, don’t create a gymnasium size platform space that lacks appeal. It’s often best to split up the space and balance it between the two. This is where the importance of design comes into play to create the most functional and beautiful environment.

Design is Truly The Difference Maker

In many cases, balancing the space with a deck and a patio together provides the best result. The wood provides a form of warmth, whereas the stone provides a sort of coolness. They’re like yin and yang, very complimentary when artfully designed.

In order to create a beautiful environment, you also need to integrate your deck and patio with landscaping. Because patios are at grade, it’s that much more important to consider the landscape to create a leisure environment instead of just a space.

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