Sunset Classic Barbecued Ribs with a Quadrupel

Beer Pairing: Quadrupel

No fat, no flavor. Properly seasoned and grilled pork ribs satisfy some of our most primal urges, and nothing less than a bold beer pairing is called for. Wine lovers would likely reach for a brawny Zin or Barbera. The beer pairing you need for ribs is a quadrupel, the Belgian abbey brew that marries huge layers of rich, stonefruit flavor with peppery yeast strains without the astringent tannins of big red wines. Look for Apis IV from Elevation Beer Co in Poncha Springs, CO;

Grilled Seafood and Chorizo Paella with Saison

Beer Pairing: Saison

Whatever else paella brings to the party, from shellfish to piquant sausage, saffron rules them all, and it’s both too delicately delicious and dear to overpower. Enter saison, traditionally brewed in Flemish farmhouses for seasonal workers. The most traditional versions are a touch sour, which, Albariño-like, cuts through paella’s richness. It’s a super versatile beer style: think delicate spiciness, cracker-like malt backbone, and tongue-scrubbing carbonation. Our pick: Surette, Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, Denver, CO;

Carne Asada con Mojo with Double IPA

Beer Pairing: Double IPA

With this dish’s char, lime, and citrus, only an Double IPA, amped up to a mouthwatering tang, will do. Properly made, not only do IPAs have their own citrus-grove-like tang that works well with actual citrus flavors, their herbal components tend to bring out the fiery dimensions in other dishes. Meanwhile, most have some residual sweetness to balance it all out, which can echo the umami and sweetness of medium-rare beef. Our pick: Maharaja from Avery Brewing Co in Boulder, CO;

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