Even after 36 years in construction, Lee Danielson still finds satisfaction, day in and day out, as a project lead with DeckTec, where he’s worked for the past six years.

“I enjoy going to work – just being able to build things and figure out new designs. You always run into little different things on different jobs. Some houses have settled, and are out of square. You have to work with that,” Danielson said.

“Sometimes the plans don’t work, and you have to figure out something else. Sometimes I like a good challenge,”
he said.

As a project lead, Danielson keeps things flowing, making sure that a job gets done – and that everyone on the team does their part.

“But the satisfaction of seeing it all done, and being proud of the work,” he said, “Is the best part.”

In early June, Danielson’s team completed three weeks of construction on a new 630 square foot outdoor living environment for Niwot homeowner Gary Gansar.

“He seems to me to be just that honest American worker that we used to produce in this country,” Gansar said. “He’s a good guy to watch work.”

In his spare time, Lee likes to ride his dirt bike, jet ski and hunt deer and elk. He has three grown children, two daughters and a son Dustin, who recently started working at DeckTec.

“He was asking me for years. I took the plunge!” Dustin said. “I’m happier getting to work outside and be physical.”

Dustin is, of course, still learning new things on the job.

“But one day the student will be the master,” he said. Father and son shared an easy laugh.

“That’s one way of putting it,” Lee said.

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