You may have noticed that the secret’s out – Colorado’s an amazing place to visit, and for an increasing number of people from all over the country, an ideal place to live. Who can blame these folks for appreciating what we Coloradans have been enjoying all these years? There’s the breathtaking scenery, a growing professional arts and music scene, and world-class culinary delights. Our state, and the metro area in particular, are on the short list of top destinations, and with this comes gains as well as some inevitable growing pains.

Denver commerce is moving full steam ahead and shows no signs of slowing. This means a steady stream of people moving here, and an unemployment rate at nearly zero. But the slower pace and idyllic serenity of our favorite mountain towns and trails – a treasure for many of us – is likewise impacted by our new neighbors and guests. Although a boon to mountain economies, for Denverites it means noticeably increased traffic, leading to frustration and long travel times as we head to the hills on weekends or for vacation. The metro area itself is also seeing increased congestion, as we need to allow more and more time to get from one end of town to the other.

But these inconveniences pale in comparison to the unfortunate circumstances people are facing around the country and around the world lately. Hurricanes have devastated thousands of square miles from Texas and the Gulf Coast to Florida, the Virgin Islands, and of course, our own protectorate, Puerto Rico, which has been hit especially hard. Then, of course, there are the recent massive earthquakes in Mexico.

Lucky for us here in Colorado, we’ve been spared the natural disasters that have plagued other areas. No hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, or major fires for us. In light of recent events, we can keep our issues with congestion and growth in perspective. We can count our blessings that we have been spared.

Colorado is still an amazing state, and we who live here have wonderful times ahead of us. With increasing growth it might be worth considering creating a relaxing escape in our own backyard. Our homes can be sanctuaries, away from the crowds and the troubled flow of world events, allowing us to take a breath, restore ourselves, and remember the beauty all around us – from snow-capped mountains to the rolling plains.

Here’s to a beautiful fall!



Photo by Andrew E. Russell


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