If he were alive today, Rod Hall might hardly recognize the small, one-man wholesale barbecue distribution company he started in Denver in 1968 under his own name.

Now called Colorado Comfort Products, and under the leadership his son Dave since 1978, the family business has expanded into the high-end retail market with barbecues as well as fire pits and tables, outdoor heating systems, ornamental fire features and more. The entire product line, Dave said, is manufactured in the United States and Canada, with nothing from overseas.

“We’re a three-generation business,” Dave said proudly. “I enjoy working with my family, number one.”

Dave’s daughter, Shellie Kenfield, handles phones, accounting, payroll, computer systems and other operational and administrative duties, while Dave’s nephew, Matt Hall, and his son, Jeff Hall, handle sales, work crews, liaise with contractors, and perform troubleshooting.

And, of course, there’s Dave’s wife, Cindy Hall, his right-hand gal who “helps out with everything” – from sales to collections to well – “just about anything.”

“Our family’s goal is really to take care of our customers, so when somebody like DeckTec calls and they need product, we have a showroom and we also provide them with installation and service,” Dave said.

In addition to family togetherness, Hall very much enjoys helping customers, especially the DeckTec customers he’s been working with for more than 20 years.

“We sell DeckTec everything from heaters to fire pits and barbecues,” he said.

“That’s what’s fun – is when DeckTec sends their customers down and we get to meet them and help them make a great selection. There’s so much here for Steve to know, he can’t possibly keep up with it. We’re pleased to be Steve’s professional resource for gas and electric products,” Hall said.

“We can go over options and costs with customers at a level of detail that simply wouldn’t be possible for DeckTec. Hopefully, this kind of personal attention helps DeckTec generate more value for their customers and keep them happy, instead of them going to Costco and buying something that no one’s going to service, something made in Taiwan or China that you can’t get parts for,” Hall said.

Hall appreciates the DeckTec approach to outdoor living environments.

“DeckTec builds a wonderful deck – Steve loves wood. A lot of people in the industry have gone to plastic decks, but Steve’s focused on the quality of wood, the craftsmanship, and providing the service to keep those decks nice,” Hall said.

“It’s a great match for us,” he said.

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