Eliminate Hassle, Save Time, & Receive Supreme Value by Planning Like a Pro

The vast majority of people don’t even begin to think about initiating their outdoor living projects until the weather starts to become consistently warm. They all wait and then rush to start the process at the same time. This produces an effect akin to everyone funneling out of a concert or ball game simultaneously; movement becomes congested and people become irritated by the slow progress.

Don’t follow the herd. Instead, discover why off-season (anytime snow can affect a job) is the best time to build your unique outdoor living addition.

1) Greater Scheduling Flexibility

During peak seasons everyone seems to be in a hurry to get their project underway. This can be overwhelming and frustrating for everyone. With minimal scheduling flexibility in the peak seasons, construction times can be challenging to align with all of your fun summer plans. In the off-season we have more time to work closely with you to discuss your unique needs and desires, so take full advantage!

2) Less Weather Related Delays and Mess

If you know Colorado, you know that spring weather is the most unpredictable of any season here. While always full of promise, spring often surprises us with wet and heavy snow as well as intermittent rain and hail, causing delays to the already jam-packed schedule.

Autumn weather is typically much drier than in the spring. Even in the winter our crews tend to see fewer delays from the occasional snow storm with relatively drier snow than the spring. Less erratic weather in autumn and winter allows us to complete your addition with minimal delays to the projected schedule.

3) Hassle Free

Many homeowners overlook all of the behind the scenes work that goes into building a truly unique outdoor living space. We build each deck tailored to the specific needs of the homeowner and the unique landscape of their home. The more sophisticated and intricate the project, the more time required to design, plan, and build it.

By building your new outdoor living oasis off-season, you can minimize common inconveniences caused by overly tight schedules. Instead of waiting until everyone else has the thought in mind, plan ahead for a smooth process from start to finish.

4) More Attention

Fall is here and winter is just around the corner; after over 26 years in business, we feel that it’s one of the best times of year to build more elaborate designs. Due to the off-season, fewer deck companies are actively working, which leads to less competition for HOA applications and permit approval, expediting the progress of your project.

Here at DeckTec Outdoor Design, we proudly handle every step of the process, from consultation and design to construction. Due to our commitment to provide the absolute best service possible, we strictly use our own full-time employees, not sub-contractors. This motivates us to provide steady work, year-round for our top notch staff.

5) Maximize Future Enjoyment

Connecting with the best requires patience and planning. By thinking ahead of the curve, you can maximize the future usage and enjoyment of your new outdoor living sanctuary. Constructing a deck now will ensure that you’re prepared for fun at the beginning of spring next year, when many will just begin to think about starting the process.

When you have a custom outdoor living space tailored to your unique desires and needs, it becomes a source of joy for you and your loved ones for many years. With understanding the long life of a properly cared for deck, you can see why it pays to plan ahead.

6) Reduce the Impact on Existing Landscapes

In the spring and early months of summer Colorado weather often brings heavy and wet snow in addition to unpredictable rain and hail. This increases the likelihood of the construction process impacting the surrounding landscapes due to the damp and softened ground, which can take months for mother nature to repair. However, as the weather cools in the fall and into the winter, grass and plants begin to go dormant and the ground is drier and more rigid. This minimizes the stress caused by heavy traffic and material storage during construction. Less impact on your yard means it will be ready to flourish beautifully when spring arrives next year.

7) Significant Savings

Seasoned travelers know the secrets to getting the best prices on air fare and vacation packages. By planning in advance and booking early or off-season, wise vacationers take advantage of the best available pricing. The same principle holds true when it comes to constructing a new deck. Those who put forethought into their project, instead of rushing, are rewarded by receiving maximum value.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to receive all of the benefits that come with building your new deck off-season!

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