Even if you weren’t directly affected by the epic May 8th hail storm – the costliest in Colorado history – or other serious hail storms of recent years, you likely know someone who was, and have certainly heard about these storms in the news.

The DeckTec facility happens to be in Golden, near the epicenter of the massive May 8th storm. As a result of storm damage, nearby Colorado Mills Mall is closed until November, with serious impacts to the local economy. Several major car dealerships have sustained massive damage. Employees are out of work, and the city of Lakewood expects to lose $2 million in sales tax revenue.

Here at DeckTec, ironically, just two weeks before the May 8th storm, we completed a $130,000 roof replacement repairing damage from the July, 2016, storm! In the last several years many areas, including Highlands Ranch, Ken Caryl, Arvada, and Centennial have been pummeled by two or more major hail storms. I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but I can’t remember hail storms of such magnitude and frequency in the past.

Personally, I was at the Steely Dan concert at Red Rocks last year when my group got caught in a storm. We were pelted with marble-sized hail which shredded our ponchos while we protected our heads with foam seat cushions. Many people took refuge by stretching out under the wooden bench seats as water cascaded over them like
a waterfall.

These storms don’t just affect roofs and windows, painting and decks are often impacted as well. At DeckTec, we are saddened and disappointed when our client’s deck projects are damaged. We have a good business and care tremendously about our clients and the projects we have done for them.

Unfortunately, however, these events tend to trigger predatory business practices from unethical companies and individuals who prey upon trusting homeowners who lack the knowledge base to properly evaluate. Homeowners beware! Storm-chasing roofing companies descend upon affected neighborhoods like ambulance-chasing lawyers to take advantage. Be careful not to sign anything without proper due diligence.

Too many of our clients have contacted us after their decks were supposedly “refurbished” by contractors recommended or used by the roofer. These workers were over-aggressive with power washers and tore up the wood. They sanded off screw head tops, used lower-quality materials, and in many cases applied a paint or paint stain, thereby eliminating the natural beauty of the wood.

To ensure that your deck is properly refurbished the first time by experienced DeckTec technicians, please review our helpful companion article, “Responding to Hail Damage.” Keep this step-by-step action checklist on hand as a reference in the unfortunate event of a property-damaging storm.

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