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DeckTec, featured on Home Decor & Ideas, Fall 2011

Design influences just about every buying decision you make. Aesthetics, function, what ‘made of, how it’s made, cost, even the long-term value … these are all things you consider before making a purchase that (hopefully) a designer considered first.

When it comes to your deck, design can mean the difference between a space you’ll never use and an outdoor living room that’s as beautiful as it is comfortable. Your new favorite place. Here are five reasons deck design matters:

• Design reflects your lifestyle and how you’ll use your deck. The better the design, the better the function. And the more use you’ll get out of your deck.

• A well-designed deck provides one of the best investment returns of any home improvement. Professional design and craftsmanship add value to your home. A poorly-designed, poorly built deck can be a liability.

• Expert deck design ensures maximum quality and longevity. Good design takes into consideration the unique characteristics of your home, how your deck will wear over time and the cost of maintenance.

• An experienced deck designer will help save you money by optimizing material use and finding construction efficiencies.

• Custom deck design by DeckTec adds architectural interest to your home, increasing its marketability down the road. More importantly, you should derive at least as much pleasure looking out at your deck as you do looking out from your deck.

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“I had some ideas for what I wanted but Steve took it to the next level. He designed a deck that worked much better than we could have imagined.” Liesa Malik, DeckTec client

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