It’s officially spring now, and the demand for custom decks and outdoor living additions has never been higher! The combination of the booming housing market and Colorado’s incredible climate is leading to tremendous interest in custom outdoor living spaces.

I’m sure you understand the importance of Design. Design motivates just about every major purchasing decision anyone makes! However, it often seems that when we bring up the subject of design, it scares people. Design shouldn’t be a scary word though.

For some reason, most people think design adds to the cost. Actually, an experienced deck designer will help save you money by optimizing material use and finding construction efficiencies.

Design reflects your lifestyle and how you’ll use your deck. The better the design, the better the function. And the more use you’ll get out of your deck.

A well-designed deck provides one of the best investment returns of any home improvement. Professional design and craftsmanship add value to your home. A poorly-designed, poorly built deck can be a liability.

In the end our main focus is on exceeding customer expectations and providing an enjoyable and unique environment for you to create lasting memories with family and friends. This is our ultimate design.

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