In Colorado, the desire for outdoor living space is especially strong due to great views and the climate our area has to offer. When you combine all the modern features and amenities of today’s outdoor living rooms with the explosion of different materials and design options, it is easy to get overwhelmed and lose perspective on your project.

No Design: a.k.a. The Square Deck

Let’s face it; no one really gets inspired about a plain, square deck or patio; no matter what the size. A square or rectangle deck is about as exciting as an unfinished basement! It can be spacious, but not particularly appealing, and often these decks stand empty. They function primarily as a portal to the outdoors, not as a gathering place for friends and family. Generic decks and poorly executed “handyman specials” lack character and can detract from an otherwise great home.


Backyard leisure has long been one of America’s favorite pastimes. Good design creates an optimal environment by integrating your home and deck with the landscaping, which can create a vacation right out your back door. A well-designed deck addition can also solve problems such as privacy, and protection from the wind and sun.

Designing an outdoor room to reflect your personal sense of style extends the warmth of your home’s interior to the outdoors. Remember to consider how you will use the space once it is created. Will you be entertaining family and friends? Will you use the deck for a private place to read and relax? Are you the grill master, and do you plan to host barbeques? No matter what your interests, you can design a functional space that makes sense for your lifestyle.

Building Value

Like a home itself, the real value of an outdoor living area cannot be measured strictly in financial terms. Value comes from the integration of a home with its exterior surroundings (location, views, space, etc.). People are increasingly aware of the many intangible values of a quality outdoor living addition and are investing more to improve it. In Colorado, a well-built deck has a projected 30-year life expectancy according to the California Redwood Association. If done right, your outdoor living addition will appreciate along with your home. For these reasons, it is often a good idea to consult with an experienced deck design specialist similar to DeckTec.

Think a custom deck is too expensive? Our experienced experts have designed for all budgets, no matter how big or small. The key to fitting within a budget is proper planning. If you need help with planning your project, simply fill out our Request a Consultation form, and we will work with you to plan a deck that is both beautiful and cost-effective.

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