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Part of home value maintenance comes from maintaining your home’s deck and exteriors. DeckTec has researched and tested many products and techniques used in the care and restoration of wood decks to develop the finest restoration and maintenance services available. With 20 years experience in working with wood and composite decking materials, our DeckTec team of professionals will keep your home in great shape and your pocketbook happy. Remodel, refinish, or restoration of your deck’s appeal comes from DeckTec. DeckTec will make your deck and home’s exterior like new again.

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Here are some of the services we provide

Maintenance Clean

Clean all horizontal deck surfaces with a one-step deck wash that cleans and brightens the wood but does not extract the existing finish. After the wood has dried, stain horizontal surfaces with the same finish product previously used.

Complete Restoration

Clean horizontal deck surfaces only with Twin-Chem 2-step deck cleaning system. The 1st step extracts tannin stains and any old worn finish. The 2nd step cleans, brightens and neutralizes the 1st step and restores the wood to a light, new color. After the wood has dried buff sand to prep for final finish. Stain same areas with Superdeck transparent stain.

Rail Two-Tone Paint Finish

Paint rails and vertical surfaces with 2 coats (primer and finish) of client approved paint or paint stain to match house

House Painting

2-colors will be applied on house. The main color for the body and 2nd color for trim of house. Trim color to be sprayed on. Windows will be masked off prior to spraying for protection. After the trim has been sprayed on, it will be masked off to protect when spraying the body color. Pre-finished gutters will also be masked off to protect from over-spray. After each side has been sprayed, fascia and any areas not sprayed to be finished by brush.

Safety Evaluation

Examine joists for cracking and rot. Verify construct and sturdiness of stair access. Look for loose, broken, or rotting deck boards. A comprehensive report of our findings, recommendations for repairs and a proposal of cost to have the work done.