Wood is by far the best material for decks.

What is the Best Material for a Deck?

From the beginning of time, wood has been used to build everything from boats to homes. History has shown that wood has the capability to stand the test of time, and a deck made from naturally stable and insect-resistant material, like redwood, cedar, and mahogany, does, too. Don’t be deceived – compared to plastic decking, […]

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Example of a deck with worth the investment!

Is a Deck a Good Investment?

The best! In fact, for many years decks have been the highest returning home improvement investment you can make! Nothing increases marketability more than a unique quality outdoor living addition. Like a home itself, the true value of an outdoor living area cannot be measured simply in financial terms alone. Adding a custom deck, patio […]

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Forever Living with California Redwoods

As a member of the DeckTec community you have, no doubt, heard about our love affair with California redwood. This wood is strong, long-lasting, bug and disease resistant, and one of the finest building products ever discovered. And chances are if you have a DeckTec deck, you have it right under foot. But is redwood’s […]

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Wood Vs Composite & Synthetic Decking – The Annual Debate Begins

Is this the year you’ll be replacing your old deck? Perhaps you’re going to invest in a new outdoor room and grow your own backyard resort. If you’re like many people, you’re weighing the pros and cons of exactly what materials you want for your outdoor surfaces. Each year, new deck buyers do research and […]

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Applying Stain in the Rain

Leads to many pains of the brain. As we break into the month of June, you and I both know that we can expect to see afternoon showers. Now, it’s not the same as monsoon season, starting in July, but it still poses difficulties for our service department when trying to apply coats of stain. […]

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