mountains in fall

Fall Thoughts: The Best Season for Outdoor Living

Change is in the air and after a long, hot, and dry summer; fall is now upon us. People are finishing their vacations, kids are going back to school, and collectively our routines all seem to settle down as summer winds to a close. Hopefully you took advantage of the beautiful weather and participated in some […]

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DeckTec Roof Additions

4 Ways Roof Additions Can Enhance Your Home and Outdoor Living Lifestyle

Porch, deck, and patio roof additions today are nothing like the porch or patio covers you may remember or imagine on your grandparents’ home. In today’s marketplace, deck and patio roof additions are beautifully crafted with design in mind. These sophisticated and luxurious roofs are a beautiful extension of your home, making it look more […]

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Mule Deer, Icons of the West in Decline?

For many people, one of the great attractions to Colorado is our abundance and wide array of beautiful wildlife. Some of us with homes in the foothills have the added advantage of being able to watch that wildlife from the comfort of our backyard decks. And this time of year is a great time to […]

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Keeping Cats Indoors

Once, at a local veterinarian, I saw a cartoon that read, “When you call a dog, he comes right to you for a treat… But when you call a cat, he’ll take a memo.” You have to love these independent, self-content creatures that wander in and out of our lives and who allow us meager […]

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Fall is Time to Play in the Dirt

The first cold of the autumn hit recently, and with it comes the desire to pack everything into the garage and snuggle up under your nearest blanket. But for gardeners everywhere, this change in weather is all part of the rhythm of life. There is still plenty of work to do at this time, and […]

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