Beat the Heat: Time to Get Shady!

There’s no contest – Mother Nature holds the trademark on the best backyard cooling system ever invented –a mature shade tree. But many of us on the Front Range, especially in new developments and out on the plains, may not have a backyard so well-endowed. So, what are some ways keep friends and family cool […]

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Playing It Safe in the Summer Heat

Summer in Colorado offers unparalleled outdoor fun in the sun. Who can resist walking, running or cycling on open space trails, or heading up to the gorgeous high country for a day or a week? But staying safe during the upcoming ‘dog days’ means taking extra care to stay cool – and knowing when to […]

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Golden, Parker, & Lafayette Farmers Markets

Mid-July through September is prime time for homegrown Colorado produce, so head down to your local farmers market for juicy Western Slope fruit and a nearly-endless list of veggies – from beets and broccoli to carrots, corn, zucchini, beans and salad greens. A crop calendar guide to what you might find at the markets from […]

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summer sunset

Here Comes Summer

For the Northern Hemisphere, June through August means longer days and warmer temperatures. That’s because the Earth tilts on its axis and the Northern Hemisphere points toward the sun during this part of Earth’s rotation. Here are some fun facts and trivia from our favorite time of year — summer! In Paris, France, summer heat […]

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stay safe in the summer, running girl in sun

7 Tips for Staying Safe in The Sun

As the largest organ in your body, your skin is essential to everyday function in many ways: It provides a barrier between your internal organs and the germs and bacteria of the environment, manages temperature and fluid control, and manufactures vitamin D to keep your bones strong. That said, far too many of us neglect […]

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