According to DeckTec repair and restoration specialist Vince Stover, it’s only when you file a claim that you find out how good your insurance company actually is – this is when the rubber hits the road. Contact your agent with questions about your coverage before the next storm hits, and be sure to patch any policy holes.

What you want as a DeckTec homeowner is to have your investment fully restored to its pre-storm condition. DeckTec does not use subcontractors. We create high-quality, unique custom decks, and our craftsmen are the only ones qualified to repair them.

It’s your right as a policy holder to decide who performs your deck restoration. Be aware that a substandard restoration can VOID your DeckTec warranty – and no one wants to see this happen, least of all us. You may get resistance or conflicting information from your insurance company or roofer, but rest assured that you always have the right to deal directly with DeckTec.

Managing storm damage and insurance claims is stressful for anyone. We hope to make the process a bit easier for you with this handy guide. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 303-277-1550 with any questions.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Call your insurance company immediately. Tell them that your home was hit by hail.
  • Your insurance company will have a Catastrophe Assessment Team (CAT) member evaluate your property damage in person.
  • Your insurance company will determine whether you get full replacement costs or a proration, depending on how your policy is drafted.
  • Make sure to have DeckTec assess the damage before you agree to the insurance company allocations.

To smooth the process, have your CAT team member or adjuster call Vince Stover at 303-277-1550.

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