Bring The Outdoors In; Sunrooms Evolve & Increase in Popularity

Everyone’s talking about bringing the indoors out with an outdoor living room; however what about bringing the outdoors in?! With the high demand for quality luxurious outdoor living additions and continued interest in solar energy, sunrooms are increasing in popularity once again. When integrated thoughtfully, sunrooms produce the perfect synergistic environment for true year round […]

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DeckTec Roof Additions

4 Ways Roof Additions Can Enhance Your Home and Outdoor Living Lifestyle

Porch, deck, and patio roof additions today are nothing like the porch or patio covers you may remember or imagine on your grandparents’ home. In today’s marketplace, deck and patio roof additions are beautifully crafted with design in mind. These sophisticated and luxurious roofs are a beautiful extension of your home, making it look more […]

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Want to save money on your electric bill?

For some homeowners, a nice deck is all that’s needed to enjoy outdoor living at its finest. This summer, however, has proven to us that this type of homeowner is becoming less prevalent. Brutal sun and heat, combined with sporadic rain storms, are driving people indoors, and air conditioning bills skyward. Everyone is searching for […]

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What’s the Occasion?

“I can’t believe our little girl is getting married,” Donna said to her husband, Tom. “It seems like just yesterday, she was out here in this yard playing tea party with her friends.” Tom sighed. “Yes, and she wants to have the memory of a lifetime in this very spot. I never imagined that we’d […]

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Why Design Matters

Design influences just about every buying decision you make. Aesthetics, function, what ‘made of, how it’s made, cost, even the long-term value … these are all things you consider before making a purchase that (hopefully) a designer considered first. When it comes to your deck, design can mean the difference between a space you’ll never […]

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