If you’ve been in the Denver media area for any number of years, there’s no doubt you’re aware of the annual Colorado Garden and Home Show, even if you haven’t yet attended. For many that have attended in the past, it’s a great exhibit that they look forward to checking out regularly.

The major themed garden is always extravagant and different and the many gardens are beautiful and new. The gardens include flowers, plants, and trees in full spring bloom that make you feel like you’re visiting a warm tropical destination for a day. (Talk about spring fever!) A week indoors in this environment is often more enjoyable than the alternatives.

This year marks the 58th year of the annual Garden and Home Show. For 26 consecutive years now, we here at DeckTec have participated! For us, what started as an event to showcase our custom projects and attract new business has morphed into more of a reunion event to reconnect with current and past clients. Of course, we do find some new clients to serve as well.

Denver Garden & Home Show 2017 - DeckTec Outdoor Designs Display - Outdoor Living Experts

The show runs through two weekends as well as the entire week in between, so it’s easy to find a time to check it out. Sure there are a lot of small and large vendors looking to pitch and sell. However, if you own a home there’s no better place to see, touch, and learn about home improvements and accessories. It’s all right there in one place.

Imagine how much time and cost would be involved to drive around town to check out the varied and unique assortment of items displayed at the show. Plus, if you do have an interest in a particular product or project, you can get some brochures and information to prepare yourself for the meeting and consultations that will typically take place. It’s better to get a little education and screen potential companies at the exhibit than in your home.

There really is nothing like the Colorado Garden & Home Show. (This is nothing like a trip to your neighborhood Home Depot)! There are a wide variety of unique products and specialists to be found if you know what to look for.

The show really is an environment that’s fun for all. There’s a lot to look at and you need to plan on spending a few hours there to take it all in. However, if serious shopping is on your agenda, you might want to consider the kids. Naturally, their patience and stamina is not that of an adult.

One good strategy to keep in mind is to cruise the show for enjoyment first and identify exhibits and vendors you would like to check out further. Then come back again during the week when the crowds are minimal or non-existent.

Above all, please come by and say hello and check out our exhibit. Each year we purchase a supply of tickets to provide our valuable clients!

Visit www.decktec.com/hs-tickets to claim your FREE tickets today.

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