When it comes to choosing stain colors for your deck, the options are plentiful. At DeckTec, we primarily use Superdeck® Transparent Stain.

Stain Color Options

Superdeck Stains

To get an idea of what Superdeck® Transparent Stain will look like on your deck, take a look at the gallery on our refinishing page. We have eleven examples of decks that we have done. Hovering the cursor over each picture will show you the stain color that was used on each deck. You may also click on the image to the left to link to the Superdeck® gallery, where you can get an idea of how the tints look on cedar decks (applied to redwood, the tints are slightly darker).

The Superdeck® site features the reddish tints (1904 & 1905). These tints tend to have a more orange or pink tone when applied. Most of our clients choose the Superdeck® Valley Tint (1906) as it creates an attractive natural wood color that highlights the brown and tan tones of the wood. We use this color on over 80% of our redwood decks and it has the best record of customer satisfaction.

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